Split-Lot Casa(s)

A Residential Redevelopment Strategy

Development & Design Proposal  |  2005  | West Los Angeles, CA

This project is the result of a development strategy and design study for an oddly shaped cul-de-sac property in West Los Angeles.  A once double-lot that had been severed by the construction of the 405 Freeway, the conjoined-lots contained a single story 2-bed room residence on the north side of the property and a small triangular vacant lot on its southern edge.

This schematic project proposed a simple but radical three-step solution for the redevelopment of the property.

1- Re-split the lots to produce two separate legal properties

2- Following minimum lot zoning set backs and regulations, design and develop a triangular two story residence (financed with home equity loan)

3- Rent or sell new house and use equity to remodel and add to existing home.

A short proforma and schematic plans were delivered to clients.

Hector M Perez