South Oxnard Branch Library

Community Branch Library

Design Consultant |  Completion 2006  |  Oxnard, California

This 20,000 sf library was designed through an intensive community outreach program with multi- generational local community members and city staff. The library was conceived around a central courtyard to provide natural daylight and outdoor reading spaces. A series of ‘cellular’ study rooms and offices are placed around the perimeter and are separated by glazed openings that provide visual connection to the outside. A mezzanine to the north penetrates the west façade and cantilevers above the sidewalk serving as an iconic beacon. It accommodates the Spanish collection above and the children’s reading area below. Directly behind the mezzanine, the north wall is completely glazed with translucent glass and bookshelves are placed against it to dramatically backlight the books with northern light at the opposite side of the entrance.

Hector M Perez

in collaboration with Ralph Roesling
Roesling Nakamura Terada Architects (RNT)