Rubalcaba-Klink Residence

Private Residence-Gallery Remodel and Addition

Co-Designer  |  1995  |  San Diego, CA

The Clients, Estela & Stephen have lived in this house for many years. Estela, in particular, had grown up in this post war Linda Vista House. Throughout the years the clients have acquired a sizable collection of Latin American and South Western Indian art that had outgrown their small and poorly lit home.

The solution we proposed was a composition of two volumes that allowed them to openly showcase their collection. The existing single-story volume was remodeled as an open plan ‘gallery’ pavilion through the insertion of a new steel structure that lifts the new roof to 11’ and turning the new roof into a roof garden that celebrates the ocean view. The addition is a simple volume that accommodates the remaining functional program of the home (kitchen and dining, home-office, library, bedroom & bathroom.)

Hector M Perez

in collaboration with Teddy Cruz