Pa’-que-te Salves

Conceptual Design & Prototypes developed under the Tutelage of Krzysztof Wodiczko

A Political Art Proposal for Border Crossers  |  1998  |  San Diego-Tijuana Border

This project blurs the boundaries between, art-design + political action, while attempting to highlight and minimize the tragic deaths of illegal border crossers along the US-MEX border.

Based on my personal experience as a long distance runner, these packs are designed to be light, useful and ergonomic. Each pack consists of a water ‘camel’ pack with electrolyte beverage, high protein and glucose bars, a compass, a high pitch whistle and a ‘space blanket’ to protect from the inclemency of extreme heat and cold of the high desert.

With the assistance and support of Grupo Beta and Casa del Imigrante (immigrant advocate groups), these packages are meant to be distributed (as last resort) to those desperate immigrants that, despite the hazardous trek across the border, are willing to risk their lives in search for the ‘American Dream.’

Hector M Perez