in(fo)SITE – Tijuana

Information Center Commissioned by inSITE 2000-2001

Design and Construction Supervision  | 2000-2001  | Tijuana, BC MEX

As the first designer to receive a commission from inSITE (a bi-national arts collaborative), this project consisted of a temporary center for consumption and dissemination of art and information. Responding to the extremely tight budget and schedule, a uniform vocabulary based in simplicity, mobility, economy, adaptability and multi-functionality was deployed.

The Tijuana in(fo)SITE was housed inside the main gallery space in the Centro Cultural de Tijuana (CECUT). The project consisted of thee major components:

1- An adjustable 10’ x 10’x 10’ CUBE made with 2” x 8” Douglas fur studs. The cube’s two rolling desk-walls afforded complete closure and provided video monitors safety after gallery hours

2- A large enclosed space to house a video projection project and storage. This component was framed again with 2” x 8” studs but enclosed inside with plywood.

3- A series of small rolling carts and tables were used to display the artists’ and projects’ information.


Hector M Perez