in(fo)SITE – San Diego

Information Center Commissioned by inSITE 2000-2001

Design and Construction Supervision  |  2000-2001  |  San Diego, CA

As the first designer to receive a commission from inSITE (a bi-national arts collaborative), I was asked to design two temporary centers for consumption and dissemination of art and information in San Diego and Tijuana. For the sake of uniformity and legibility, I decided to create a common vocabulary based in material simplicity, economy, mobility, adaptability and multi-functionality, the San Diego in(fo)SITE was housed inside a generic and decaying commercial storefront in the historic Spreckels Theater building (adjacent to Horton Plaza in Downtown SD.)

The initial challenges of the project were to rehabilitate the decaying floor, walls and electric service as well as to visually activate the façade of the very bland New-Classical building. Due to the limitations of time and budget, the solutions were simple and direct:

1- New surface mounted wiring conduit to restore electrical service

2- New vinyl tiles colorfully reveal and accentuate patches on floor

3- Movable colorful planter beds and large sheet metal arrow activate the façade and sidewalk

4- MDF modular desks, shelves tables optimized flexibility of space

Hector M Perez