A Temporary Public Art Installation-Construction Barrier commissioned by SDMA

Design and Construction Supervision  |  2006-2009  |  San Diego, CA

San Diego Museum of Art commissioned FrameWorks to protect the public during the restoration of the Museum’s historic façade. The prominent location in the heart of Balboa Park inspired our project to extend the museum’s program out into the public realm. This project became a flexible armature for artistic activation by commissioned artists.

The naked structure is composed of a series of modular 7’ high steel frames. The individual frames vary in length & profile and when linked together, form a strong but subtle field of visual effects. The first activation of FrameWorks by De-Arc consisted of 4” horizontally spaced slats of colored wood laminate. The initial skin transformed the tonally neutral façade of SDMA into a giant contrasting ‘park & sky’ color field.

FrameWorks stay at SDMA concluded in 2008 and it has now become the ‘connective tissue’ (gates & fences) of La Esquina Mix-Use building in Barrio Logan.

Hector M Perez
in collaboration with Philipp Bosshart