Multimedia Design Studio and Offices

Schematic Design (unbuilt)  |  2005  |  San Diego, CA

This project was located on the 4th floor of a 1940’s office building in the heart of Downtown San Diego (Broadway & 6th Ave) The program consisted of reception area, project gallery, 5x private offices, a server room, sales staff area, a central conference room, a room for creative brainstorming (‘think tank’), ample and adjustable areas for staff lunch & leisure and finally a special request for maximum flexibility for expansion and contraction of work stations. The project was developed though a series of sequential collage perspectives – plan – elevations describing the sequence from entrance to work stations. The layout of the project consisted of pushing all the program to the periphery walls while animating the center of the 80’ x 80’ space with a raised Conference Room, a padded Think Tank room and multiple open-works stations. These collages images are the only trace of this commission.

Hector M Perez
in collaboration with George Gilli