Carlsbad House

Beach-Courtyard House Remodel and Addition

Schematic Design (unbuilt)  |  2005  |  Carlsbad, CA

Following the clients desire to respect the ‘spirit’ of the house, this project adheres to the existing footprint of the original 1950’s courtyard house as it selectively reconfigures and separates its functions. The new house is divided into three distinct areas: SERVICE / PLAY / REST.

Responding to the clients’ desire to establish a more direct connection to ocean & patio while adding new self contained suites for each of the family members (2 teenage kids + parents and guest accommodations), the circulation was simplified to rid of wasted space (hallways).

Natural light, ventilation and connection to the outdoors were modulated through carefully designed openings and retractable wall glazing systems. Proposed landscape consisted of native vegetation and building materials were typical of California beach cottages (wood siding and shingles).

Hector M Perez
in collaboration with Philipp Bosshart