Coffee House / Lounge & Live Music Venue

Design & Construction Supervision  |  Completion 2006  |  San Diego, CA

This project consisted of transforming a long and narrow (20’ X 100’) commercial space on Broadway Ave into a flexible Café, Lounge & Live Music Venue. Responding to the extremely limited budget, all unnecessary partitions, dropped ceilings and furred out walls were removed to transform the non-descript space into a simple & neutral background for the desired activities. The majority of the patrons are young foreign students from an adjacent language school and their smoking habits became the basis for the relocation of the façade to 20’ inside the building, creating an ‘outdoor smoking area within.’ The addition of retractable sidewalk tables pushed the program out into the street and served as additional signal to the café. The low modular MDF benches and tables were mounted on casters to provide maximum flexibility and soft cushions & pillows added to the informal lounge ambiance.

Hector M Perez